Concrete Raising Maplewood MN

Two of the most common methods of concrete repair in fixing these scenarios are mud jacking and polyjacking. This method has been repairing concrete driveways, sidewalks, patios and parking lots

Concrete Raising Maplewood

A great alternative to repairing or replacing concrete slabs is to lift concrete, also known as slab sledding or concrete leveling. There is a high demand for concrete leveling and concrete lifting. 

The process of lifting concrete by mudjacking (also referred to as slab buoyancy or polyurethane concrete buoyancy) is similar, but differs in the materials that are pumped in. Through holes in the concrete slab, mud or other material (polyurethane or foam) is pumped into the slab and the cavities in the slab are filled to lift the slab. The holes are then patched with a concrete mixture to complete the process.

Concrete leveling can be invasive when working in residential and commercial applications. When repairing foundations in the Midwest, we use PolyLevel (r) to lift lighter weight and less disturbance concrete slabs into a leveling position than traditional methods of sludge and slab lifting.

We pump polyurethane with a 2-piece high density foam by means of incremental injection into concrete slabs. Polylevel flows like water to fill small cracks and crevices in the ground.

Concrete Raising

Traditional concrete raising services remove and replace concrete slabs to carry out pavement levelling and road repair work. In the past, contractors relied on sludge dumping (also known as slab lifting), concrete lifting, concrete lifting, joint pumps, and slab levelling to level the concrete and settle over time. You may not need to replace your concrete terrace, but if you experience soil erosion on the terrace, we can solve this problem with polyurethane levelling.


FAQ | Concrete Leveling

Mudjacking is an useful strategy of fixing concrete. The moment it takes will depend on just how large the damage is yet it can take as low as 1 to 2 hrs to repair your broken concrete.

And it dries out easily, too. You will generally be able to make use of the area just as soon as your mudjacking pro has actually left, however they do recommend you allow the area to rest overnight before placing anything hefty ahead.

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Your mudjacking repair work must last for many years, the real time will certainly rely on the dimension of the area and also the range of the damage, but the majority of professionals say anywhere in between 5 one decade.

Compared to destroying entire areas of concrete and re-pouring them, mud jacking is economical. Yet in addition to the economic cost savings, mudjacking will likewise conserve your time it is quicker. Plus mudjacking is quieter, much less untidy and also better for the atmosphere.

Injecting specialized foam below the surface of a slab to raise and/or support the slab.

Benefits of Foamjection:

  • Remove trip hazards
  • Create standard steps
  • Re-pitch slabs for proper drainage
  • Stabilize slabs that move
  • Support slabs after washout

Is Foamjection safe?

Foamjection does not use Toxic Chemicals

Major toxic chemicals, often associated with some types of polyurethanes, such as some blowing agents, formaldehyde, benzene and toluene are NOT used in Foamjection foams. Most of what is warned against on the Internet pertains to these chemicals.

As Safe as the Cushions you sit on!

The foam we install in the ground is like the foam you sleep on in your mattress and sit on in your couch. Instead of it being built in a factory, we make the foam directly under the slab. Instead of being light and fluffy it is firm and strong.

Directly from the EPA

The EPA states that cured polyurethane is fine unless burned or ground into a fine dust..which will likely never happen with being installed under concrete slabs.

This is why we offer FREE concrete raising Estimates.  Our experienced crew members will be able to provide you with an accurate quote for completing your specific project.

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JMJ Concrete team was awesome!! Great communication, clear expectations, very reasonable pricing, and excellent work. We thought it might be a lost cause, but JMJ Concrete team's expertise was able to salvage our current concrete & help move water away from our foundation. Highly recommend JMJ Concrete team!
Martin F.
Eden Prairie
Very happy with everything! Quality workmanship, went above and beyond. I would use this company again.
Bryan C.
We worked with JMJ Concrete to correct a sinking driveway and underlying void for our garage. We are very pleased with the results and reasonable price. We would recommend and continue to use JMJ Concrete Lifting for future needs. Thank you!
Jane D.

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